Photofacials in Austin, Texas.

Photofacials are perfect for those who have been struggling with sun spots, fine lines and wrinkles, and even enlarged pores.

Our photofacials are performed with the top of the line laser, the Alexandrite laser, in order to maximize results for our clients! Our photofacial uses light energy to generate heat in the skin to break up unwanted pigmentation and stimulate collagen production

Get the glowing radiant skin you have always wanted.

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    What should I expect?

    During the treatment you should expect residual warmth following a sensation similar to an elastic band snap. With all of our free consultations we perform a test patch, so you can feel exactly what it feels like.

    When will I notice results?

    You will notice results in about a week. The areas that are pigmented will become darker and eventually flake off. The process takes roughly 1-2 weeks. Adding Microdermabrasion after one week can speed the process up.

    What is the downtime?

    Immediately after a photofacial treatment, there may be some mild redness and swelling, and makeup can be applied right after if desired. However,   your skin may be sensitized and you must wear sunscreen after the treatment. We also encourage you to wear sunscreen in order to help prevent sun damage from occurring.

    How many treatments will i need?

    Depending on your skin, we recommend anywhere from 3-5 treatments. Semi-annual touch ups may also be required in order to treat any new pigmentation.