Microdermabrasion in Austin, Texas.

Microdermabrasion is the latest scientific method using fine inert (micro) crystals to progressively abrade the skin’s surface. It is used for skin resurfacing and treating a range of skin abnormalities.

This treatment has been used in Europe for years and now this exciting procedure is helping men and women in the United States experience remarkable improvements in their skin texture, regardless of age or skin color.
With our Microdermabrasion skin treatment program, you can see immediate improvements in your skin’s appearance. This unique approach removes dead and flaking skin cells and stimulates the production of fresh young skin cells and collagen. With the aid of micro-crystals vacuumed through a delicate hand piece, held at a precise angle to the skin, the procedure produces a skin polishing peel. In as little as thirty minutes this gentle abrasive technique efficiently produces satisfying results. Treatments are applied through a course of weekly sessions. From stretch marks to acne scars to fine lines, and age spots, you will see extraordinary results. Most patients report that their skin seems softer, tighter, smoother and younger-looking.

Microdermabrasion enhances the skin condition by stimulating collagen production and does what no other available non-surgical treatment can do in combating the signs of aging skin. Most importantly, it is safe to use on all skin types and colors. After your first treatment, your skin will have a fresh pink glow and smoother texture. Improvements continue throughout your treatment program. The number of treatments you need depends on your age and the condition of your skin.

Microdermabrasion with Excella Wave

ExcellaWave is the latest in skin rejuvenation. This revolutionary anti-aging device offers combination skin therapy of ultrasonic waves and electrical stimulation to create an overall improved appearance, tightening and toning of the skin, an excellent addition to add to your collection of anti-aging remedies and procedures. Excellent to be used in conjunction with microdermabrasion, our silicone masks for excellerated results.

ExcellaWave Ultrasound Electrical Stimulation Combination Skin Therapy

ExcellaWave™ – Ultrasound/Electrical Stimulation Therapy The revolutionary ExcellaWave™ , ultrasound and electrical stimulation device, is an excellent addition to the armamentarium for anti-aging procedures. Clinical application has demonstrated that when ultrasound is used it increases blood circulation and promotes elasticity. The electrical stimulation, delivered by ExcellaWave™ is an excellent technique for all skin types, increasing blood flow and the toning of facial muscles.

Silicone Treatment Mask

As an integral part of our ‘Excellerated Beauty™ rejuvenation program this exclusive Silicone Treatment Mask takes microdermabrasion to the highest level. The Silicone Treatment Mask has been designed to use intandem with microdermabrasion.

Our mask is made of medical grade, implantable silicone. It’s purpose is to create a seal on the surface of the skin. This action locks in the skin’s natural moisture to rehydrate the stratum corneum layer resulting in a fresher, healthier glow.

As the skin is occluded, the eccrine gland (water gland) isstimulated and we start to excrete moisture (perspire). As this water is brought to the surface, it hydrates all of the layers and flows. It also slows down normal water lossand allows for absorption of the skin care topicals used. When used in conjunction with our microdermabrasion treatment, we are able to target specific conditions present on the skin and start to reverse, retard or eliminate them expeditiously.

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    Patented Accelerated Beauty System How does it work?

    Particle Skin Resurfacing is achieved using a highly controlled spray of fine crystals, under pressure and vacuum.  These crystals literally “erase” the imperfections and sun damage, without damaging the skin’s integrity.  The outer most layer of skin that creates a dull, chalky appearance is buffed off to reveal a healthy radiant glow to the skin. The result, a smoother, more youthful appearance.

    What results will I see from Microdermabrasion?

    This process allows the younger softer skin to move to the surface, promoting discernable changes in texture, color and appearance while stimulating new collagen growth.

    Is the treatment painful?

    The treatment is very relaxing and comfortable, requiring no anesthesia. Some patients experience a slight tingling sensation as you would feel with a facial, but because of its preciseness, it is virtually painless.

    How does adding ultrasound to a microdermabrasion enhance your skin?

    Non-invasive, painless & suitable for all skin types, ultrasound waves penetrate the skin’s protective mantle to deep cleanse, hydrate, promote collagen production, & kills bacteria, It increases oxygen & blood circulation to underlying tissues leaving your skin thoroughly cleansed, revitalized & glowing.